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Like you, we want your synthetic, mesh Vivos to stay on your feet as long as possible. It’s good for you and good for the planet. (definitely don’t immerse leather or suede Vivos in water - it won’t end well!)

These simple tips will really help with:

  • Simple odour absorption
  • Natural, damage-free cleaning
  • Drying without tumbling
  • Ongoing protection



Sprinkle baking soda into your Vivos overnight (you’ll find it in the baking aisle in your supermarket). This will naturally deodourise smells trapped in the fibres. In the morning, simply shake it out - and the absorbed stink will go with it. Natural and easy.


We know scrubbing mud isn’t a priority on anyone’s to-do list. But resist the temptation to forget about them at the bottom of a cupboard or the back of the car. Relive the memories of that wet, cold adventure as you give them some love and keep them fresh for the next one.

Brush away caked on mud and dirt from the upper and outsole. Then use a warm, soapy cloth or sponge to gently remove any marks (we recommend using Liquiproof Eco shoe cleaner, which is sustainable and natural). You can also repeat this process for your insoles, for extra freshness.


For a deeper clean, avoid the washing machine. It will damage the bonding and use unnecessary energy.
Instead, remove the insoles and submerge your trainers in warm, lightly soapy water. Give them a few squeezes to flush water through the fibres. After soaking for a maximum of 30 minutes, rinse your Vivos in cold water to remove the soap. Gently squeeze them again to remove any excess water, then leave them to naturally air dry out of direct sunlight.

Want a faster dry? Try stuffing your Vivos with old newspaper or brown paper, removing and replacing a couple of times. This will accelerate drying without resorting to heat sources.


After cleaning your Vivos, we recommend protecting them with some Liquiproof Mesh Protect, or a high-quality alternative. This super-effective proofing spray, suitable for all absorbent fabrics, will help repel liquid, mud and dirt, ultimately preventing stains and giving water-resistance (although it won’t turn your Vivos into wellies!).

Whatever level of TLC your Vivos need, the tips above will ensure they are raring to go, time and time again. Prolong the adventure while reducing your impact.


So there you have it: some simple ways to extend the life of your Vivos. No matter how much love you give, of course, all good things come to an end.
Or do they?

When your Vivos do finally need repair, or are even beyond repair, head over to ReVivo, our resale platform. ReVivo is where we repair, refurbish, resell and (if we have to) simply recycle old Vivos. It’s a core part of our commitment to regenerative principles, and a pioneering innovation in the footwear industry!
We want your synthetic/mesh shoes to last as long as possible – good for you, good for the planet! 

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