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Vivobarefoot shoes have ultra-thin, puncture resistant soles to let the 200,000+ neuro-transmitters in kids’ feet feel the ground, while keeping them protected. The more feet can feel, the more the foot-brain connection stays sparking and active.

Thick, cushioned and supportive shoes cut off this all-important feeling, dulling the sensory feedback our brains can get from our feet.

Vivobarefoot shoes are wide and unrestricting to let kids feet grow strong natural bones and tendons, especially the all-important Big Toe, crucial for balance and skillful movement. At least 90% of kids are born with perfect feet, let’s keep it that way.

Stiff, narrow shoes literally deform feet and toes as they grow: taking away their potential for strength, balance and coordination. Like wearing a teeny foot cast.

Most kids are lucky enough to be born with all the potential to grow with natural, healthy movement to last them a lifetime. They don't need the "performance" or the "technology" of the highly-marketed shoes. In fact, we believe that millions of years of R&D have already packed the muscles and tendons in our feet will all the technology and performance we need to climb, run, walk and play. Normal, traditional-shaped shoes just get in the way of this – even sports' shoes.

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